What should I expect?


We call our church gatherings celebrations, because we believe in celebrating the saving power of Jesus Christ. This is a time of praise and worship; feel free to sit, stand or dance, it's not about HOW you worship it's about WHO you worship! Worship is followed by a short time of connection and brief announcements, then a Christ centered, life giving and relevant 30 to 45 minute message from Pastor Jay Mann.

Have children?

At LifeGate, we LOVE children! We divide the children into 5 groups based on their age or school grades:

In the room to the right of the sanctuary - Launch and Orbit
  • Launch is for children birth through 2 years
  • Orbit is for children 3 years through 5 years

In the room to the left of the church lobby - Axis and Spin

  • Axis is for children 1st grade through 3rd grade
  • Spin is for children 4th grade through 6th grade

Revolve is our student ministry for kids from 7th grade to 12th grade

  • They meet on Wednesday nights at 7pm in the Axis/Spin room to the left of the church lobby.  
  • On Sundays, the Revolve students attend our main celebration with the adults, and are encouraged to serve in different ministry areas. 

What is the dress code? I don't have "church clothes".

You will experience a casual atmosphere and will not feel out of place; from shorts to jeans, slacks to suits, from pants/jeans to dresses... come as you feel comfortable and experience Jesus with us!

Where to find us

We are located approximately 1.2 miles north of I-20 on Hwy 27.

Please click here for the street address, directions, and contact information.